Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! It is an Online Multiplayer Trivia Quiz App which you can play with a group.

Yes! nTRIVIA is a voice-enabled trivia quiz app when you play solo.

Yes! This is the best multiplayer quiz app to play with your friends.

Yes! You can add your own questions to the categories of your own choice.

Please visit the website www.ntrivia.com and watch the complete video to know how to add your own questions. And enjoy your online group trivia games.

Yes! nTRIVIA is designed to practice as much as you want to become an expert before the event itself. Therefore, we give you more than 42k multiple choice question and answers.

You will be given 15 seconds to answer each question in group trivia game.

Each trivia game will consist of 10 questions to answer. You can also check your scores at the end of the group trivia game .

When you create a Group game trivia, each player is required to enter a nickname on their mobile device and choose an avatar.

The display name mentioned by before starting trivia game will be used by nTRIVIA to display each player’s name on the Ranking Leader board.

You can see the winner’s name on Ranking Leader board once the game is over. The winner’s name/Top Ranker will be displayed on top of the Leader board followed by 2nd & 3rd rankers and so on.

Yes! nTRIVIA will provide you the access to upload questions to the categories of your own choice as you sign up. It will let you control inviting your friends or colleagues to play with you. If not, you can also use the questions from existing categories.

You can create and upload questions to the Categories of your own choice. There are no restrictions for adding questions and Categories.

No! nTRIVIA online quiz app supports only multiple-choice questions only.

Yes! You can use the Question Import Tool, to upload the questions using CSV file spreadsheet to import directly into the Trivia Game. With this tool, you can import up to 1000 questions at one go using a spreadsheet.

No. A player cannot browse Google because the time to answer each question is 15 seconds only and the person who submits the answer will get more points. If a player takes time to Google for the right answer, they will not win as many points versus a player who already knows the correct answer from their trivia knowledge.

The exciting features of our online multiplayer trivia games app:

You can play Solo / Create a group / you can Join the group with the Group ID to play with your friends/colleagues and have fun.

You can Download nTRIVIA – the free app from Google play store or app store. Allow access to microphone when prompted by the free voice-enabled trivia quiz app. You can choose a category to start the voice-enabled quiz. Now you are ready to play a fun trivia game.

Play Solo option allows you to play individual game. You can select any category of your choice and start playing fun quiz games online.

You can create a group by selecting the country name first and then the category to play Group trivia games. Then, add your friends/colleagues email Id’s with whom you are interested in playing the Trivia game. Finally, share the group ID with your buddies to play together.

nTRIVIA Join the Group option works as follows. 

Enter the Group ID, which your group leader/organizer shared with you & choose your avatar for your group game. And now you are good to go to. Compete in your online trivia games with friends as many times as you want. Do not forget to Save & share your scores with family & friends on social media.